Choose Techno Live with Pete James

Choose Techno is live once again with a long anticipated live stream debut for our resident Pete James.

Expect to hear tracks from the likes of James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, Henrik B aswell as some Orbit classics thrown in towards the end for good measure. So get strapped in for the next 2 hours cause this one will be a belter of a mix.

Full tracklist

1) Gecko – Voyage Extraordinaires (Ash’n’Diamonds)
2) Damon Wild – Warchild (Adam Beyer remix) (Synewave)
3) Pascal Feos – Omychron (Primate recordings)
4) Oxia – Chrono (Intec)
5) Justin Berkovi – I can feel the sound (Max Wilder remix) (Music Man records)
6) DK8 – Murder was the bass (Chris Liebing remix) (elp)
7) DisX 3 – The storm (Tresor)
8) Damon jee vs Damian – Tabazco (Pornographic)
9) Glen Wilson – Roswell (compound)
10) Umek – Ratexo (pornographic)
11) Adam Beyer & Henrik B – Sound Identification Ltd (Par Grindvik remix) (Drumcode)
12) House Tronik – The nite ripper (P series holland)
13) Nicolas Bacher – Cosmos (Designer label)
14) Pascal Feos – I can feel that (PV)
15) Pascal Feos – Trigger (Chris wood remix) (Level non zero)
16) Thomas Chrome – Bitches from hell (Corb)
17) Andreas Kramer vs KayD Schmidt – 40.000 miles to hell (Jerk records)
18) Air Frog – Bon voyage (Adam Beyer remix) (R&S records)
19) Adam Beyer – Remainings III (Drumcode)
20) Gecko – Balanced (supersonic combustion)
21) Technasia – Acid storm (Sino)
22) Leandro Gamez – Que viene valdez! (Phont music)
23) The Horrorist – One night in NYC (Pascal feos remix)
24) Damon Wild – Bullit proof (Synewave)
25) Dave Clarke – Red 2 Wisdom to the wise (bush)
26) Damon Wild – GPS (Petar Dundov remix) (Music man)
27) Ignition Technition – Up front Policy (Steve murray & Jel Ford remix) (Ape Recordings)
28) Artefact – Are you Jackin (Tortured)
29) Elektrochemie – When i rock (confused recordings)
30) Vitalic – La Rock (Different)
31) John Starlight – Blood Angels (Superstar recordings)
32) Renato Cohen – Pontape (intec)
33) Alter Ego – Betty Ford (Klang elektronik)
34) Joey Beltram – Forklift (Luke slater filtered remix) (novamute)
35) Dj Rolando – Night of the Jaguar (underground resistance)

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