Bellews Bombs 09.11.17

  • Has a week passed already…?!? I’m back with another selection of bombs to blow up your speakers and detonate the dance floor.

    15 different selections this week and a 5 track focus on Transmit Recordings, an awesome label with tracks covering the full spectrum of Techno.

    Starting off with a new EP from one of my new favourite Labels Senso Sounds, Alex Stein has produced a great set of tracks here. Ovatchi is a new one to watch out for, looking forward to hearing more of their stuff. Hell Drivers new remix is a peak time blaster, raw energy and an interesting break down stand out for me. Alan Wools new EP on Spartaques IAMT imprint brings 3 different sounding tracks that are designed for the dance floor, 8 Bit uses some old school samples to great effect. Fusion by Subliminal Source has all the elements I personally love in a track, this will be sounding massive in the clubs.

    Storming new music from some of my favourite producers Spektre, Kaiserdisco and Aris Von bringing a great remix to Nightshift Records plus lots of new artists and labels on my radar this week too.

    As always I hope you enjoy the selections and let me know by commenting in the post.

    Till next week, Keep it Techno!

    Adam Bellew

    A lover of all things Electronic and I hope you will all enjoy my take on the best music available today!

    Music is the answer, to your problems!

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